Handmade keyring designs to raise funds

for David Cook's Team for a Cure & Race for Hope - DC

because research is the key to finding a cure.

About The Keyring Project

The Keyring Project is a fundraising effort benefiting David Cook's Team for a Cure, which is part of Race for Hope - DC. The project raises funds through the sale of original handmade keyrings and is currently in its third year. All proceeds beyond the cost of materials and shipping will be donated!


Here are the 2014 designs. Order below!

  • Rotate Item
    • HARBOR

      This design is based on David Cook's song, "Carry You". The coordinates in the design correspond with the exact location of the Race for Hope start/finish line.

      (metal pendant with glass cabochon)

      $18 minimum donation
  • Rotate Item

      This keyring is all about being a team--we're all a part of the "bigger picture." The puzzle pieces on these keyrings are all part of the same 234-piece puzzle.

      (polymer clay, Pearl-Ex pigments, puzzle pieces)

      $18 minimum donation
  • Rotate Item

      This design includes a glass glow-in-the-dark heart charm...a reminder that, when things are looking dim, you can find the light again.

      (metal pendant, glass cabochon, glass charm)

      $15 minimum donation


Goal? To raise more than last year.

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2014 Goal
2014 Thus Far

Behind the Scenes

A lot of work goes into these handmade keyrings. See what's in progress now.

Other Ways to Help

Join the Race for Hope team, or support other projects.

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